Modernizing Growth in Healthcare

Collaborative service is essential to our methodology. We prioritize your goals, value your insights, and involve you in the process.

Pipeline Growth Strategy

Mariana Health can help you evaluate and impact your patient pipeline by understanding sources of referral, leakage, and barriers to conversion.

Our approach will provide insight into your patient pipelines, support your teams with tools to address patient leakage, and develop unique collateral to improve conversion rates.

Growth Enablement

Our synthesized clinical data will more successfully inform your organization’s growth decisions and offer a more distinctive framework for how to accomplish them. After analyzing pipelines, clinical data and strategic plans, we finish by powering this information into actualized growth. We do this through creation of sales and growth enablement tools and tactics that are unique, creative and, most importantly, ROI-focused. This includes digital marketing and website optimization efforts that take an ever-evolving approach based on your market.

Data Synthesis & Deployment Strategy

It’s not enough to just capture data. But most organizations fail to exploit the data they’ve captured. Instead of leaving you with the responsibility of devising a data execution strategy, Mariana Health does it with you. We provide insight to your organization’s data in a meaningful format that enables strategic and quality initiatives. We then translate your clinical data into marketable content that can be used to differentiate your organization in a competitive market.

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Success Stories

Strategic Orthopedic Growth and Value-Based Care Optimization at Rose Medical Center


Orthopedics was a core service line to the financial success of our client and was historically a high volume total joint hospital.


Changing payor dynamics, proliferation of ASC-based total joints, and stagnant growth tactics led to decreasing total joint volumes at the hospital. 


Stimulated organizational growth through physician engagement, patient experience improvements like digital health and customized education, enhanced marketing sophistication, focus on value-based care, and operational efficiency.  


Mariana Health was able to help grow total hip and knee replacement volumes by over 35%.

Bundle Payment Development and Strategy for Nation-wide Hospital System


A large commercial healthcare insurance company issued an RFP to all hospital systems in the state to enter into an exclusive contract for a self-insured employer plan with the “winning” hospital system earning exclusivity to the employees of the self-insured employer.


The RFP stated the winning system must show the best quality, value and programmatic support for their employees.  The bundle included total knee and hip replacement and lumbar spine procedures, two highly-valuable patient groups for any hospital organization.


Mariana Health was hired by a health system to organize, aggregate and coordinate the system’s proposal.  For the RFP, Mariana was able to analyze and translate clinical data and outcomes for over 7,000 procedures, implement a scalable quality assurance system and create a real-time, standardized dashboard. 


Our client's proposal was selected, making the system the exclusive provider for the bundled total joint and spine patients, creating the first payor agreement of this kind for the entire enterprise.

New Patient Growth at Large Bariatric Surgery Practice


Extremely high-volume bariatric group with copious amounts of unanalyzed data and three high quality surgeons.


Had never analyzed or organized data, sought more volume growth, wanted differentiation in the market


Mariana Health was able to solve both problems.  First, we carefully organized, analyzed and synthesized the organization’s existing clinical data.  We then leveraged the outstanding clinical findings to create sales enablement tools that increased provider referrals, attracted more patients, and positioned the group positively with insurance payers.


Our collaboration led to a 12% increase in new patient volumes.

Digital Marketing Growth for an Early-Stage Healthcare Software


A healthcare SaaS start-up in the assisted living industry had been using traditional marketing and growth methods like tradeshows and print advertisements but growth stalled and the start-up was not producing a clear ROI. 


The organization requested a rapid growth strategy that could produce a ROI with limited resources allocated.


Mariana Health implemented a strategy to reach their target B2B audience through smart digital targeting tactics and messaging relevant to this audience. The digital platforms extended across paid search advertising, paid social advertising, display media, and media partnerships with key industry influencers.


300% year-over-year increase in high quality leads with a limited budget and during the direct impact of the pandemic.

Collaborate with an agile, data-driven team with frontline healthcare experience.