Mariana Health bridges the gap Data Analytics and Healthcare Executives

Mitch Laird - Denver

Mitch Laird, MBA

With over 17 years in healthcare, including a decade of leading high volume orthopedic and spine service lines to consecutive annual growth and programmatic clinical distinction, Mitch possesses a unique background that includes both business development and operational improvement. Additionally, Mitch brings administrative experience in successfully navigating alternative payment models, an asset that has been valuable in the development and methodology of Mariana Health. His extensive understanding of the modern healthcare landscape offers a detailed, microscopic view of the operational challenges healthcare organizations face.  One aspect that is unique to Mariana Health is the personal, front-line experience in the healthcare industry that both Mitch and Cody bring to the table. We've been in the boardroom, we've sat across from physicians, and we've delivered results.

Cody Goodwin, PhD

Cody leads the data analysis leg of Mariana Health’s services with over 15 years of analytics experience and a Doctorate in Bioanalytical Chemistry from Vanderbilt University. Like Mitch, Cody’s experience with orthopedic/spine service lines in more than 90 hospitals offers clients a more expert approach to growth strategy than other healthcare consultants. Cody’s additional experience with digital health startups diversifies his perspective of organizational growth strategies. His research as a Project Leader for the analytical research division of two U.S. contracts (ATHENA and Rapid Threat Assessment), among other projects, can be found in the following publications: Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences (2013), Journal of Natural Products (2013), Analytical Chemistry (2014), and Metallomics (2015).

Every healthcare organization is different with varied objectives and nuanced company cultures. Cody and Mitch's combined professional experiences make Mariana Health more accessible and nimble than other firms.

Cody Goodwin PhD

About Mariana Health

Mariana Health crafts smart, sophisticated solutions for the most pressing challenges healthcare organizations face. Over the course of our careers in healthcare, we’ve recognized that data is overlooked as a growth driver. We are changing that. We don’t hide behind presentations. We don’t just recommend what your company should do. We help do it. Our team operates as an auxiliary member of your organization’s business development team, prioritizing the implementation of actionable, customized growth strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mariana Health different than other consulting firms?

Mariana Health has worked, lived and breathed everything that our clients have done. With over 30+ years of hospital and healthcare experience, we know exactly what our clients are facing, their growth pressures and challenges. Additionally, due to our small size, we are especially nimble and can react to the shifting sands of healthcare quicker than large, immobile firms. And with the front line experience, Mariana Health isn’t going to just analyze and “suggest” the changes and strategies your organization should implement. We will do the real work to implement our suggestions and execute towards results. We know (from experience) that the execution is key and where most organizations and consultants fall short.

What does your typical client look like?

Mariana Health works with ALL types of healthcare organizations. Clients include some of the largest healthcare systems in the world, individual community-based hospitals, start-ups and private practices with less than a handful of providers. Mariana Health prides itself on being attainable for any healthcare company in need of growth.

What if my healthcare organization doesn’t have much, or anything, in terms of data?  Can you still help?

Absolutely. Many of our clients are just now understanding the need to manage and collect their own clinical data and Mariana Health is uniquely qualified to help vet and manage the proper data strategy. Additionally, we collaborate with clients who prefer to manage growth in ways that may not include data in which case, we will develop and execute smart strategies that might include other tactics.

Where are you based?

We have offices in Denver, CO and Nashville, TN but we collaborate with clients all over the country.

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